Since the tyranny of big  Hyperdunk 2016 to eat the old hen's eggs hatch in the stomach of a child's small cock will crow, and was carried into the Hyperdunks 2015 animals, Oh lively. For we all want to hear a tiger "oh oh oh -" crow hyperdunks 2016 thing.
But the big tiger friend little mouse unhappy face.
Little Mouse listen to yield old hen there is a miniature remote control, a press, the tiger's stomach can not be called, I wanted to come to the old hen, gave big tiger.
Small rodents to the old  Hyperdunk 2016 house, also mentioned a bag of fine white corn, Hyperdunks 2015 said: "! Hen Aunt, you are good."
hyperdunks 2016 particularly nasty little mouse, to be to ignore the answer, said: "? The little mouse, you have something wrong."
"Ah, in fact, is not really what is wrong with my  Hyperdunk 2016, I heard what hyperdunks 2016 have a remote control, want to borrow, but also Hyperdunks 2015 soon."